Monday, June 29, 2009

Dancin Days Are Here Again!

Hi My Love's

I have to say it has been a crazy past 8 weeks. I have had computer and phone problems that have put a wrench in my ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO YOU ATTITUDE! So first now that I have the problem fixed; Geeze Louise! talk about Dumb Blond! Lesson #1 Do not try to use 4 wireless computer accessories at the same time in the same office! This does not work! End of Story. However is you ever do have problems getting through to me you can call our Lovely Dispatch site and they can call me and have me call you back! That number is: 866.667.7781 24/7 So Make sure you tell the girl on the phone you want to talk to Nikki! They can page me!

Now onto bigger and better things Like The Phone fucking I have been missing! One of my favs, Is getting married you know who you are and Thanks for hanging in there during the problems with my phone/computer! I misses you and it was great to here you cum for me! My My MY ...........

It felt so erotic to have my ASS in the air and fuck that warm tight pussy with my vibrating purple cock! Oh I just love that toy! as most of you know Im very fond of my toybox! and I have Lotts of things in that box! I can give you anything you want! So Who is going to be next on my Hit list! ???? Im waiting!



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LIVE listen to me fuck call!

So all of you who missed out! I raked it in BABY! I had a guy here at my home; and auctioned off a call! Live listen to me fuck call! The highest bid took the call at 164$ And he paid for a 30 minute call that was included in the bid! Friday will be the next Auction! So be on line and don't you whine! you all have a chance! Except this Friday it will be Erin a Guy and I. Just like last weekend your 30 minute call is included in the bid! I will be online Friday at 9pm. Bidding starts exactly then! And If you want to talk to J.P. Last weeks winning bid, he would be glad to get online and back me up! It was awesome! Put in his words " The next best thing to fucking Nikki; was to do the call on speaker phone and listen to my girl get fucked! She participated in a call as always however; it was much more intense to here the guy in the background fucking her and licking that sweet pussy!

Ok J.P. can't bid for another 4 weeks so c'mon! lets have another great auction phone fuck this weekend! Guaranteed to be a most enjoyable experience!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz, My friends all drive Porsche's I must make amends! Here she is! Yes I FINALLY found my 1970 Mercedes! Yeah sure she needs a few things to bring her up to par but all of you know how I Love my Mustang and I'm a fan of classics! I found My new of I call her Driving Miss Daisy! for a STEAL! She runs has all chrome intact Now the question of the day? Who is going to break her in with me on our next call! I would love to have a nice hot phone fucking in the driver's seat of my new girl! So Call me and lets get er done Boys! I truly love this car and I would love it even better if you called me and we could do a role play around her, or I could just simply sit in the seat kick it back and rub that hot wet pussy of mine while we talk dirty to each other! Mmmm Lay back and close my eyes and open up my legs! I can feel the juices flow as I type ha ha ha YEAH! So CUM ON I NEED a magic carpet ride? How about you?


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Friday, March 27, 2009


Well since the March Madness is an NCAA Tournament I have to stick with my hometown U of M GO BLUE! I think if I had the chance right now I would do a circle jerk with the entire team! OMG I'm so Horny, Roger had me rubbing Ice cubes on my nipples and in my pussy earlier! I'm so hot, I would LOVE a big thick 10 inch hard cock in my wet juicy pussy about now! Call me....... I'm Waiting!